I love spring. Maybe because I was born in spring.

What a perfect weather after the once-seemed endless severe winter time.

Everything is waking up and stretching itself a little bit. So full of energy and joyness.

This was what caught my eyeballs after I left the Undergraduate Library, and it was also the reason why I went back home to get my camera after lunch regardless of the possible( or say, for sure) tardiness to class.


Life is unpredictable. And nature is so amazing.

I can't even remember when they already have had buds on them, and then it suddenly turned out like this when I finally had a nerve to notice that.


Maybe it's the weather or the blossom, or maybe it's the timing that made me think a little bit further than usual. I started to observe every tree I passed by with curious eyes. I was smiling I guess, though, it might seem weirdly to some native students encountering me in the Quad. I don't really care. I was just in the mood to appreciate all the happiness in the world, in my favorite spring. Yes, spring has sprung. Spring comes like a lion, but leaves like a lamb.


Lots of things seem normal and still to us every day.

You may think trees or houses will always be there, and so will he or she. 

But nothing's gonna be the same as today. Nothing.

Tomorrow is another day.

And timing is always everything. To love, to success, or even to destiny.

You might lose it in a second, even if you haven't noticed that at all. Bang, it's gone. No matter you like it or not.


Actually I was struggling if I should go back home and get my DSLR while I was having lunch alone in the Wesley Church (for the free Korean food, haha!). Just at the time I pushed the door and stepped out of the building, I thought I wanna turn left. I hafta go home because I don't wanna regret. Who knows whether it will rain or not tomorrow? Who can ever assure there won't be relentless wind that blows all the flowers away? 


I knew I might be tardy to the afternoon classes if I decided to take pictures for that. I knew it. But, who cares? The teacher doesn't really care if you're there or not because we're already adults and we're responsible for ourselves. And I, a woman who is old enough but damn it getting older and older every single minute, consider this moment is more important than anything. I have to capture this scene, I told myself, just like what people say that "You have to live as there is no tomorrow." I am capricious. It's probably the characteristic of people who were born in spring. We are just like spring.


Therefore, I accidentally skipped one hour of my class today. It was supposed not taking so long. I assumed it would only cost me 15 minutes. The McFarland Memorial Bell Tower rang few times. I knew it must have exceeded the time I was supposed to leave, yet I couldn't stop taking pictures. I'm glad the results are sort of nice. I'm still a beginner of photography, so I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished today. They're not just pictures but with thoughts and emotions inside, and that is the meat.

I know it's an excuse to skip the class, but at least it's not a bad one, huh?

Share what I see and what I feel with my beloved ones. 



















What're you looking at?


Ain't I beautiful?


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